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The best way to see Corfu Town!


KALYPSO STAR (under sea cruise)




VISIT the wonderful world beneath the sea

SEE our hearty pinnipeds and beautiful fish

DISCOVER submerged statues

ENJOY a fabulous sound and light show with classical music and divers


The KALYPSO STAR is a specially constructed boat for undersea cruises. With its 18m length and 5.5m width, it can comfortably accommodate 50 passengers. It is made of aluminum and unbreakable glass, and controlled by instruments of the highest accuracy.

With its large bay windows the KALYPSO STAR gives everybody, no matter what age or physical ability, the opportunity to explore and enjoy the fascinating and intricate world beneath the sea, with an endless variety of fish and plants. Experienced divers surrounded by fish, swim among them feeding them and show you some of the strangest forms of life of the sea.

Then the Sea Lions with their trainers perform a unique show. You will enjoy them swimming, diving, jumping and playing around with their trainers in their natural environment, the sea.

We hope that through your experience you will appreciate and love the sea more and gain a stronger desire to protect it.


We also have almost three hours FREE TIME to explore Corfu Town visiting Museums, Churches, the fortresses, go shopping or relaxing with a coffee at the famous LISTON.