Corfu articles

The top beaches of Corfu


Type: sand
Size: extremely long, more than 3 km
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: there are some water sports centre and it is possible to rent pedalos and small boats
Food: there is a great choice of restaurants, fast food and international bars along the beach
Description: Kavos is the most crowded beach and village of all Corfu.
The beach is sandy, full of tourist facilities and perfect also if you have small children as the sea is not deep.




Type: sand
Size: small-size
Food: the nearest places are located in the traditional villages of Melikia, Potami and Lefkimni
Description: is near the biggest saline of Corfu island. 




Type: sand and pebbles
Size: small bays that come one after the other
Food: the nearest village is Kouspades, but it’s not tourist, while just 3 km further there is Mesongi where you can find a larger choice of restaurants and snack bars
Description: this is not a really beach, but a part of the coast where you can find several unspoilt places.
In this area there are a lot of fishing boats and small wooden pears. 
The bottom of the sea alternates sand and pebbles and in many areas rocks are coming out from the water.



Type: sand
Size: it’s more than 3 km long and very wide
 no equipment in this beach
Activities: none, but if you have windsurfing equipment bring it!
Food: there is nothing near this beach
Description: very particular as you’ll have the sea in front of you and the lake just behind you. 
You don’t find a lot of people even in the high 
season and there is often a lot of wind.




Type: sand
Size: very long and wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: you can rent pedalos
Food: some restaurants at the end of the beach
Description: very flat and not deep sea. 
Near the South part of Isou there are some tourist structures and a little pear. 




Type: sand
Size: small-size
Facilities: without any tourist facilities
Food: you can find something in the nearby village of Aghios Georgiou
Description: Golden beach is a sandy bay bordered with rocks on both sides. 
This beach is very close to Aghios Georgios one and it’s very similar to it.



Aghios Georgiou

Type: sand
Size: longer than wide
Facilities: beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: there is the possibility to rent boats or play water sports as windsurfing and ski-jets
Food: you can find several restaurants and snack bars in the village of Aghios Georgios
Description: Aghios Georgiou is a small village developed along the sea that offers different sandy beaches equipped for tourists. 
All the beaches are bordered by the coast road, but they have also privacy as they are surrounded by huge vegetation. 
The sea is not very deep.




Type: sand
Size: very long but not wide 
 beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Activities: on the beach you can find pedaloes, kayak and ski-jet for rent
Food: there are some bars near the beach, but if you want a bigger choice we suggest you to go to Aghios Georgiou village
Description: like the other bays in this area, also Lakkies beach is sandy with not very deep sea. Ideal for any kind of age and equipped with 
tourist facilities.




Type: sandy bay
Size: not very wide but till 5 km long
 beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs for rent
Food: you can find bars and local restaurants along the beach
Description: this bay is very long and in the North side there are some rocks and a marvelous clean water. 
You just need to walk a little bit to find privacy especially during the high season.



Aghia Varvara

Type: sand
Size: this bay is the final part of Marathia beach
Facilities: is possible to rent beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Food: there are restaurants and snack bars along the beach
Description: some houses and restaurants mark the end of Marathia beach and the beginning of Aghias Barbara. 
The beach is very wide and the sea is not deep. 




Type: sand
 wide and pretty long
Facilities: is possible to rent beach-umbrellas and deck-chairs
Food: there are some places just near the beach
Description: Gardeno beach takes its name from a small river that flow into the sea just in this part of coast. 
Coming to this bay you will pass through the nice ancient village of Vitalades.



Megali Laka

Type: sandy bay
 long and wide
Facilities: without tourist facilities
Food: there are no bars and restaurants here, you have to reach the nearby Gardeno beach
Description: this bay is the prosecution of Gardeno beach and it is very similar to it. 
There aren't many tourists because it's not so easy to reach and it is far from tourist structures.



Aghios Gordios of Notos

Type: sand and pebbles
Size: small-size and very wide the first beach while is short the second one
not equipped for tourists
Food: the nearest town is Paleochori but is an old village that don't give a lot of choices
Description: under the name of Aghios Gordios of Notos you will find two different and lonely beaches. 
The first one is characterized by a lot of small rocks coming out from the sea and it is ideal for those who like snorkeling. 
The second one is Southern and is really stunning with a marvellous clean water.




Type: sand
 very long beach but not so wide
Facilities: without any kind of tourist facilities
Food: the nearest town is Spartera, a traditional small town, or just 3 km away there is the tourist village of Kavos
Description: this is the Southern beach of Corfu. 
To reach this bay you must have a jeep as the street is in very bad conditions. 
From Aghios Gordios of Notos you have to proceed along the coast road to reach this natural unspoilt paradise. 
Here you’ll find a peaceful place also in August with an extremely clean sea.