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Corfu the Green Island

Welcome to Corfu Island, Greece, Ionian Greece (or Kerkyra).


Corfu, the verdant island of the Phaeceans, the final stop of Ulysses before returning to the distant Ithaca, is the best known of the Ionian islands on the northwestern tip of Greece. From the first time a visitor set foot on Corfu will understand why the Homeric island of Feakes was to be the hospitable place that would receive Odysseus and would prepare him for his return to Ithaca.

Since then, Corfu was always a hospitable place that over the centuries became a crossroad between East and West, and was the meeting point of peoples and cultures.

The island of Corfu was one of the first islands in Greece to open itself to tourism and has everything to offer to the visitor. The wonderful nature of the island seems to be working in captivating visitors. Because of the mild Mediterranean climate and the high rainfalls during winter, Corfu is full of abundant and verdant vegetation and wild plants, phenomenon that makes it the Greenest Island in Greece. Did I mention the olive groves? Well... the olive trees constitute a quite interesting detail of Corfu's history to start with this audio guide in Corfu's history; Corfu is home to 3 million olive trees which were planted on the island during the rule of the Venetians which was between the 14th and 18th century. Olive trees can be found just about everywhere on the island. The locals were paid a gold coin of considerable value for every olive tree they planted. Yet, the most interesting fact is that the oil was not intended as food, but as fuel to light the lamps of Venice!

The geographic place of Corfu, its particular climate and the sea that surrounds it, the fertile soil have created a natural environment of exquisite beauty, with rich flora, beautiful alternations between mountain and plain and a smooth escalation of all colours and all the tones of green.

The nature,the climate, the architecture of landscape, the built-up environment, the culture and the tradition, the traditional arts and techniques, the traditional products and cooking are fantastically combined with the hospitality and the gentle nature of the residents of Corfu and are generously offered to visitors.

Corfu's nature, sea and history have made sure so that you today, no matter when you come, or how long you will stay, or your style, you will certainly find original and interesting situations to exercise and to have fun. In a place with a tradition in tourism of at least 130 years, with Greek education and the influence of “nobility” from England, France and, surely, Venice, in a place which is used to welcoming the international jet-set for several decades now, the possibilities for sports and amusement are certainly impressive.

Corfu is also a very good destination for family holidays.

Corfu may not have a Disneyland, children's museums, zoos or other things closely connected with children, but the whole island is ideal for children. It's one of few places in the world, where children are bound to find what they really need: a warm welcome. In Corfu there are no tropical diseases, criminality, violence, dangerous sea and any other kind of "danger". Children here, as you will see for yourselves, play safely in the streets, in the parks, at the playgrounds, on the beach. The way of life of the Corfiot people is almost in family. Check this out, and you will see that it is worth bringing here your children some time.

The trip of Corfu would not be complete without a visit to the nearby islets. Paxoi is a small verdant island south of Corfu, barely 10 kilometers long and 4 kilometers wide. The islet of Antipaxoi, located at 2 kilometers south of Paxoi, is even tinier.

In the summer , small boats connect Corfu with Paxoi and Antipaxoi. Upon disembarking on the quaint harbor of Gaios - the head village of Paxoi  - travelers are transferred into a miniature world full of surprises. Visitors can walk across the island from one end to the other getting the feeling that they are crossing a huge garden of olive trees and vines. They can also swim or fish at the beautiful beaches of the islet. The seals Monahus monahus living in the isolated coastal caves in Antipaxoi are a sight not to be missed.

Corfu, the Green Island in the Ionian Sea, is the perfect place for a relaxed and varied holiday.