How to get to Corfu

Getting to Corfu Island

                                                                 Flying to Corfu – Corfu by Plain

The easiest way to get to Corfu is to take a plane. Especially during the season – let us say from early May to late October – in most cases you can fly directly to Corfu airport. Not only easy but also fast, most flight times are less than 3 hours 30 mins. Within a few hours, you can change your winter jacket and woollen trousers for a brightly coloured shirt and shorts. Especially if you have less than two weeks holiday, it is the best option.

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2023 - 2024
 Full Day BBQ
Full Day BBQ

B.B.Q/Blue Lagoon

Another country, another world!
Another country, another world!

Corfu: Full-day Albanian Adventure

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